Thursday, April 21, 2011

Funny im not sure.....

A funny thing happened. I haven’t really had any recent moments like that and I can’t think of any past moments that I had that would have been funny. I guess the funniest moment I’ve had recently is when I went into school to drop some classes, I brought my nephew with me and he’s a little flirt so he was messing around with one of my friends Courtney. Now my nephew is only four, and you can defiantly tell when he flirts. It was so cute he was picking on her and tossing things at her. But every time I tried to get him to talk to her he would turn beet red and hide behind my back. He does this all the time and says he has about fourteen girlfriends and they are all various ages. Everyone I know calls him a little stud and thinks he is so adorable. I only wish they saw his real side that he has at home because everyone would change their minds. At home he is viscous and wants to fight all the time it is so tiring. Besides that I don’t know what to talk about.

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